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Janice from Fairfield has been using Vitamin E Cream for several years and loves it.

These creams are wonderful Vitamin packed moisturizers, ideal for normal to dry skin and/or aging skin. The high nutritional content help prevent wrinkles. Vitamin E is reported to slow the aging process. These creams are ideal for cold dry winter months or as night creams year round. A little goes a long way.

Included in these creams are Oils of Coconut, Almond, Avocado, Jojoba and Shae butter mixed with Beeswax, Aloe Vera, distilled water, Grapefruit seed extract and essential oils and extra Vitamin E to make an emulsion. The Jojoba and Shae butter act as a light sunscreen. The Vitamin E Cream also has Grapeseed oil, which makes the blend a bit lighter and easier to absorb.

Essential oils determine the scent of the cream. They also aid in the healing value. Rose/Lavender Cream uses Lavender, Rosewood and Rose Geranium to give the floral, healing scent. Lavender Cream uses only Lavender essential oil, etc. (This can be customized if desired.) Be sure to specify which scent is desired when ordering.

For subtle healing the flower essences of Mariposa Lily, Calendula, St. John's wort, Pretty Face and Self Heal promote the recognition of inner beauty and strength, as well as, promoting self-confidence, self-acceptance and comfort. Elixir of clear quartz crystal and citrine gemstones.

There are no synthetic or processed ingredients or preservatives. All the ingredients are used in their natural form.

Use the Cream for 1. Rich facial moisturizer 2. Eye cream

3. Shaving or after-shave cream

4. A rich hand/body cream

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