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AKA Lavender Baby Balm, Gardeners Balm, Nose Cream

Is a powerful combination of natural, organic, fresh ingredients that are healing and soothing for the skin and mucus membranes.

This balm is made by infusing Organically grown herbs of Calendula, Comfrey, Plantain and White Oak Bark in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the heat of the sun. Then the herbs are strained out and the oil is mixed with Beeswax and Aloe Vera and Lavender pure Essential oil.

Allow a few minutes to let it “sink in” after applying before using your hands (they may be a bit slippery. The dryer your hands the longer it will take to sink in. Its nice to put on dry hands or feet before bed.

Possible uses for this balm

1. Use before and after doing drying work with hands like gardening, farming carpentry, mechanical work, knitting. . .

2. Healing for cracked or raw fingers, lips etc

3. Rashes (diaper or other) helps prevent rashes too!

4. Sunburn and/or windburn soother

5. Healing balm for cuts, bug bites, scrapes. . .It is reported to be great on Chigger bites!

6. Healing for raw (from runny noses

7. Moisturize the inside of the nose. This strengthens the bodies defense system and the antibiotic action of the Lavender filters the breath and clears the sinuses.

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