Testimonials for Muscle Ease Mist

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2-2013 I was one of your original customers. You have a miracle product. I tried others but I am back with you. (5 years between orders) from N Clark Des Moines IA

1-23-13 Love the Muscle Ease Mist It give me relief in many ways. I have a shoulder that needs to be operated on and the Muscle Ease Mist takes the pain away . It doesn't heal it but it really helps with pain relief. My sister is having some pain in her hip and I wanted to have some to give her. Hopefully it will help her as much as it has helped me.

I have been using Muscle Ease Mist regularly for 10 or more years. Ken Shuey Boone Iowa

04-2008 To whom it may concern,

I bought a bottle of Muscle Ease Mist some time ago and have been enjoying it for some time.

It occurred to me that it would be something my customers would enjoy so I recently started having it available at my beauty shop. It has been a hit. In the first month I carried it I sold out and had to reorder. Now I have customers who want the refill bottles.

I'm sure that it will be even more popular in the warm summer months when the cooling action helps with hot weather.

I think lots of people will benefit from trying this great item. . . .

Renee Lein Hairworks in the Parlor Madrid, Iowa 50156


To whom it may concern,

I bought a bottle of Muscle Ease Mist from Colleen of Earth Wisdom at the Old Threshers Reunion several of years ago. At the time I had problems with my shoulder. The Muscle Ease Mist really helped with that problem. After a while it cleared up and I didn't use it then recently I had knee surgery. It has been very useful to spray the back of my leg when it starts to ache. It takes away the pain and helps me relax. I can tell a real difference.

I recommend this product to any one for aches or pains. My brother 's leg was bothering him. I sprayed his leg and he got relief instantly. He wanted some immediately so he called and ordered and is still using it.

Mildred Cox from MO

Tim Bottaro talks about using Muscle Ease Mist for over 10 years. (you will need to copy and past this into your server to see the video of Tim) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJe8y_NYcQU

Dear Earth Wisdom,

Thank you very much for sending my Earth Wisdom (Muscle Ease Mist).

I have tried so many sprays and lotions. My daughter purchased my first bottle at a craft show. I have had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on my shoulder and have had pain ever since. It seems that a nerve was cut during the surgeries and there is nothing that can be done. This is the first time I have had relief in 9 years. I use the Muscle Ease Mist every night and sometimes twice a night. I go through about 16ozs every 4-5 months. I don't ever want to be without it!

Thank you for the wonderful product.

Verta Ulmer Sutton, Nebraska

ps. Now my husband is also using it for relief for rheumatoid arthritis.

08-07 "I use Muscle Ease Mist all the time. I love it. I broke my Arm and this really helps with the pain. I really like that it is natural and I don't have to worry about drugs building up in my system" S Gorden Urbandale, IA

4-10 The muscles around my ankles tighten up so bad I can not bend my feet. I spray this (Muscle Ease Mist)on and in minutes it relaxes them and I can bend my feet so I can walk. D Lehmkuhl De Witt, IA


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