Testimonial for Mists

I used the Refreshing mist to stay cool at a triple header Baseball game. Even the dogs on the stands got cooled down with this mist. CT Iowa

During Menopause I had trouble with hot flashes. If I used the Refreshing Mist on my throat, heart and solar plexus area I stayed cool and collected. It is a life saver. GM Missouri

I use the Refreshing mist to stay awake while driving and it makes a nice breath freshener too. JM Ontario

Rose Water worked better for my dry eyes than my perscription medication. EG Florida

Rag weed irritates my eyes. The Rose Water mist in my eyes takes the itch away instantly. TB Iowa

I use the InJoy Mist first thing in the morning to set the mood for the day. It gives me a lift and opens me up to what ever comes my way! Its a delightful scent! KG IA

The Eucalyptus Mist has helped me with Asthma. I spray my throat and upper chest and enjoy the sinus opening scent. I understand that the Essential oil is actually useful to build the Immune System so i try to use it daily! TJ IA

The Lavender Mist is a wonderful calming and uplifting spray. Our family uses it to keep the house fresh and to help the kids stay relaxed. Its especially helpful at night. We also use it to sterilize our children's toys, hands and space. Such a simple powerful tool! JA IA