Sleepy Eye Pillow

Silk Eye Pillow with a Removable, washable cover.

Use these wonderful eye pillows over the eyes and forehead. The Flax seeds are cooling and the lavender soothing.

Flax seeds are cooler than the air so have a cooling effect on the eyes and head. The silk acts as a great conductor for that herbal property. The gentle weight on the eyes is gently massaging and serves to Block any light which helps the body create melatonin to aid relaxation. (These are wide enough to block light even when laying sideways.)

It has been reported that use of these pillows helps with eye strain, puffiness and headaches as well as encourage rest. When the eyes slow down the mental activity in the brain also slows down to make it easier to slow relax.

100% Silk outer cover, Organic Cotton inner pouch. Color and type of silk varies. Call to see what is available. 641-472-7010

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

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