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Ingredients: One of more of the following herbally infused Organic Oils: Sunflower Olive, Jojoba, Shea Butter and/or Coconut. Magnesium Oil, Mineral salts and Sea Salts including Pink Himalayan Salt. Pure Essential oils. The Color is from the herbal infusions.

These are packaged in a high density plastic jar for safety sake for use in wet bathing situations containing 8 oz of Salt Scrub.

Custom scents can be arranged. Please call or email with requests!

Value of Body Scrubs: Various salts have differing amounts of trace minerals which can help to nourish and cleanse the skin while it is scrubbed. Dead Sea salts are prized for their cosmetic and skin soothing value. Salts and oils have been used for centuries for their unique cleansing, antiseptic and moisturizing propertied. The salts are then combined with herbal ingredients for extra healing value. Sugars are a better choice for sensitive skin. After a scrub and rinse the skin is polished and ever so soft and moisturized.

Organic Herbal Mineral Sea Salt Bath Scrubs
Organic Herbal Mineral Sea Salt Bath Scrubs