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This mist is useful to uplift and cool down. It contains Essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender and Sweet Orange mixed with distilled water and witch hazel.

The Peppermint and Orange are both stimulating. The Peppermint especially opens the awareness. It is said to improve the memory! The Lavender is balancing so the combination is enlivening and balancing. It is also a mild insect repellent

It is great to use to maintain clarity when driving, studying or maintaining long hours. It can be applied directly on the face or chakra points of the body to cool down or it can be used to spray the air.

It has been reported to be useful for hot flashes and over heating.

A blend of Peppermint, Lavender and Orange Essential oils Use on face, arms, throat, back of the neck, chakra points, anywhere that needs to be refreshed.

These oils are all uplifting and revitalizing but the mint and lavender as also a natural mosquito and fly repellent.

Use Mist 1. To cool down 2. To Wake Up 3. In ceremonies and ritual work 4. To repel bugs 5. Enliven the atmosphere in the car for long driving trips 6. A mild antiseptic 7. light perfume 8. Breath refresher

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