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Aids to relieve congestion, headache, itching skin. . .

This wonderful penetrating analgesic mufti-faceted balm is made in a base of Organic Olive, Organic Sunflower and Coconut oils, previously infused with quartz crystal to enliven more light and healing energy. Then a bit of beeswax is melted and stirred into the oil blend. The natural beeswax gives the mixture a stiff consistency. As the oil/wax blend is cooling Menthol Crystals (crystallized peppermint essential oil) are dissolved & essential oils of Eucalyptus, Camphor, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Cassia, Cajeput & Clove are mixed into the base. The Holy Spirit is invoked to bless the process and finished product and aid in its effectiveness.

DO NOT USE on open wounds or sores.

There are no synthetic or inorganic ingredients or preservatives.

All the ingredients are used in their natural form.

Possible uses for this Magical balm

This is a thick oily balm so it will take a while to sink in. It may feel greasy for some people so use sparingly until you know how it will work for you.

1. Head Aches Rub a bit of the balm on both temples, ear lobes, between the eyebrows and at the base of the head. (Massage into the neck if possible.) Allow the cooling, stimulating essential oils relieve tension and pain in the head

2. Congestion Rub a bit of the balm under the nose to open the sinuses. Useful as a chest rub to open of the lungs to receive lots of oxygen. Rub on the throat and neck to loosen up throat congestion.

3. Itching Skin Great on insect bites especially chigger bites. It's also good for rashes or itching from some infections of the skin. Useful for itching skin from Candida.

4. Nausea, Dizziness - Use as smelling salts to eliminate the distress. Rub into the stomach and abdominal area to relieve nausea or cramps.

5. Lymph Nodes around the body benefit from menthol massage to stimulate circulation.

6. Sore or Stiff Muscles loosen up after applying and allowing the hot/cold stimulation to increase the circulation in that area of the body.

7. Fatigue - Rub a bit of the balm on the temples, ear lobes and between the eyebrows and at the base of the head and or under the nose. This will increase the circulation and enliven the awareness. Great for driving long distances . . .

8. Memory Enhancer - Apply under the nose to stimulate memory retention when studying or learning new material

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