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Organic Healing Herbal Sticks (Lip Balm)

Organic Healing Herbal Sticks (Lip Balms)

Contains organic: Olive oil, Beeswax, Comfrey, Calendula, Plantain, Aloe Vera, White Oak Bark. Octyl-methoxcinnamate is added for sun screen then the balms flavored with Pure Essential oils

Some of the flavors also have the herb Alkanet that gives a pink color to the balm.

These are much more than a simple lip balm. They are a cross between a Lip Gloss and a Healing Salve as the herbs are generally healing and soothing to the skin. Can be used on any cut, bruise, scrape bug bite or owwie besides keeping the lips soft and moist!

They make great cuticle cream too and just fit the finger nail.

These are made with the same base as Universal Balm (with flavor) without the Aloe Vera to soften it up.

Each flavor has slightly different qualities depending on the essential oils and flavors used.

The Lavender is the most beneficial for general healing. Lavender is tremendously healing and rejuvenating. It is an aromatic, tonic herb with a sweet “clean” scent. It is antiseptic, antidepressant and supports relaxation and balance. It is useful for all manner of skin care, for burns, sunburns, rheumatism, muscular pain, neuralgia, skin complains, cold sores, insect and snake bites, head lice, halitosis, vaginal discharge and anal fissure” according to Encyclopedia of Herbs. It is also gentle and ideal for babies.

Eucalptus/Cherry The Cherry is just for flavor but the Eucalptus gives a wide range of benefits to using regularly.

It is an antiseptic Decongestant that loosens mucous. Opens the sinuses It is a mild expectorant for chest congestion and coughs. Builds the immune system to defend against colds and flu etc Mentally invigoration. Anti-viral so useful for lip sores or when exposed to 'bugs' Useful or burns, blisters, wounds, insect bites, lice and skin infections.

Avoid if Pregnant, or high blood pressure or epilepsy

Sweet lime is uplifting, Vanilla is soothing peppermint is invigorating and clears the sinuses.

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