Extra Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential oil is a first aid kit in itself.

1 dram bottle with an oriface reducer top make it easy to disperse.

The following article was published in a local health food newspaper.

Botanical Health and Beauty Lavender by Colleen T. Bell

Lovely Lavender is a traditional cosmetic herbs. It is also one of the most popular herbs. Some even say it is the # 1 fragrance in the world. Ancient Romans used it extensively to scent their bath water and it quickly became associated with cleanliness and freshness. The word lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, which means to wash. In Medieval times Lavender was often the border plant around the herb garden. Laundry hung over the lavender hedges to dry was infused with the antibacterial properties of this fragrant plant.

When pilgrims came to the new world they brought lavender with them. Unfortunately this Mediterranean native isnít as easy to grow in the northern parts of the US. There are many varieties of this evergreen perennial and some manage to survive in even the harsh Iowa climate, but they are short lived and need to be protected. Since gardening in Iowa I have planted dozens of the plants and the only ones that have survived to produce harvestable flowers are on the south side of the house with lots of good drainage. L. angustifolia is the sweetest of the many varieties and Lavender Lady(a new hybrid) is supposed to bloom the first year. Itís worth trying to grow for fun and to have fresh lavender flower to dry and play with. It makes nice potpourris, sachets for the linen drawers as well as use in cosmetic and other health applications.

My Encyclopedia of herbs many applications for Lavender. ďInternally for indigestion, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, tension headaches, migraine and bronchial complaints (including TB)Ē Also, nausea or dizziness. Internal recommendation is to use oil diluted in liquid very sparing, 1-2 drops, or one can take lavender tea, 1 tsp. to 8 oz of water.

The Encyclopedia goes on to list external application of the herb for ďburns, sunburn, rheumatism, muscle pain, neuralgia, skin complaints, cold sores, insect and snakebites, head lice, halitosis, vaginal discharge. Mix with rosemary for depression and tension headaches, with verbena for migraine and nervous tension. Added to baths its helpful for patients suffering from debility, nervous tension and insomnia.Ē Lavender is also recognized as an effective insect repellent.

Lavender Essential Oil has sometimes been referred to as a first aid kit in itself because of itís range of use. It is one of the few essential oils that can be used Ďneatí or straight from the bottle without dilution. Because it is antibacterial and antiseptic it is especially good for cleansing. But is seems to be more widely known for the calming relaxing effect it has. The oil has so many applications itís impossible to list them all here.

Lavender is amazing for skin care. Every skin type benefits from Lavender from the most sensitive baby to skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis but it is especially helpful for dry skin and acne. It seems to balance the pH of the skin. It is moistening and softening and at the same time cleansing and stimulating to the circulation, hence, it is rejuvenating to the skin. The oil stimulates white blood cell formation and thereby strengthens the bodyís defenses. Lavender is good in moisturizers, cleansers, bath products. It makes a simple deodorant too. Add some Lavender essential oil to a spritzer with distilled water and witch hazel. Itís antibacterial and antiseptic nature will inhibit bacteria. Or use powdered lavender flowers with equal parts of powdered lemon peel and pat the underarm or crotch.

Lavender flowers or essential oil is in many of Earth Wisdom products. Moisturizers; Rose/Lavender Cream, Before and After the Sun(sunscreen moisturizer), Vitamin Rich and Universal Balm utilize the oil. Itís also in Lavender massage or bath oil. Calming Milk Bath and Rose/Lavender Cleansing Grains includes ground lavender flowers with rose petals and organic almonds, oats and either powdered milk or Kaolin Clay. My favorite use of Lavender is in Sleepy Eye Pillows and Head and Eye pillows which are full of flax seeds and Lavender. The flax seeds massage and cool the eyes and the lavender scent helps relax and calm one so itís easy to shift to a restful state.

Good Luck growing a wonderful versatile and valuable herb. But even if you donít have luck growing the herb donít let that stop you from utilizing it. Take a nice Lavender bath like the Romans did and set the Sleepy Eye Pillow over the eyes and let the sweet Lavender serenade you to sweet dreams.

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