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These Wands are in .33 oz roll on tubes.

All Aromatherapy Magic Wands contain organic Sunflower oil, Organically grown herbs (that provide healing benefits as well as color) and Pure essential oils. The synergies of essential oils create a unique blend that is more than the sum of its parts. They are very powerful.

Use these wands on the pulse points as a perfume and they will absorb directly into the blood stream very quickly. These are therapeutic wands not just nice smells. Enjoy their healing and nourishing qualities.

Crave Away - soothes irritability and nervousness, promoting a calm feeling. Helps ease cravings while increasing energy and aiding the release of underlying emotional imbalances. Detoxifies.

Hunger Stop - eases tendency for over-activity and food cravings. Improves tolerance of frustration and stress. Especially helpful in the evening

Pain Relief - is a soothing traditional formula considered helpful with migraines and headaches. Also useful for muscle soreness and sore feet.

InJoy - An uplifting, relaxing blend with an aphrodisiac effect. Use it to create happy atmosphere or to enhance a romantic occasion.

Lavender - is tremendously healing and rejuvenating. It is an aromatic, tonic herb with a sweet “clean” scent. It is antiseptic, antidepressant and supports relaxation and balance. It is well known for its relaxing and calming qualities so is useful for resting or calming during stressful times or situations. It is also useful for all manner of skin care, for burns, sunburns, rheumatism, muscular pain, neuralgia, skin complains, cold sores, insect and snake bites, head lice, halitosis, . . .according to Encyclopedia of Herbs. It is also gentle and ideal for babies.

Bugg Off - Is a blend of essential oils and herbal tinctures to repel flying bugs and ticks too. Roll it onto the ankles and sleeves and any exposed skin and watch the mosquitoes bounce off of your aura. It does need to reapplied regularly tho.

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Aromatherapy Magic Wands
Aromatherapy Magic Wands